Last month, that time, when I hosted a world record attempt….

Below is a link to news by MCM Buzz about the VR World Record attempt that I helped organise at Vidfest UK.  I also presented the event.

PsychFi Lab and MCM London Comic Con Break VR World Record!

You can watch the video in Virtual Reality by clicking play on this video below.  If you are watching on your laptop or PC use your mouse to navigate.  If you are watching on your phone or tablet then move the phone/tablet around left/right/up/down, Otherwise put your phone in a Google Cardboard VR headset and watch it like it’s meant to be seen:

So last Sunday I presented on stage a World attempt for the most people using VR in one place. Here’s the video for it:

Briztech VR supplied the Google Cardboard headsets. PsychFi produced the VR app. VidfestUK and MCM hosted the event. YouTubers Ashens, Sammy Paul, Noodlerella and Tom Hooker were all part of the event too.

It was a lot of fun and hope to do it again where we break our own record.