What the hell is going on in LA?

A blog by my wife Lisa Gifford about things happening in the web series world in Los Angeles right now

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I love the web series community.  Love it.  99.9999% of people I’ve met in the past three years have been awesome; talented, brilliant, kind, supportive, inspiring and creative people.  Web series have entertained me, inspired me, at times challenged me, and have definitely given me some lovely, cherished friends.

So, when someone messes with the community, I get a bit annoyed.  And that is precisely what is going on right now in LA.

There are three web series events coming up in LA. LA Webfest, Hollyweb Festival and The Indies Series Awards.  Hollyweb and LA Webfest are festivals, The Indie Series Awards is, as the name suggests, an awards show.  I attended all three of these events last year – as luck would have it, they are all held at around the same time in late March/early April.  This is wonderful for non-LA based web series creators, like me, who can…

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Should a writer kill a gay character?

Where I say stuff...

Totally neglected this blog in the past 12 months.  Will do better, honest 😉

Warning – spoilery for Last Tango In Halifax.

Rightio, so, as the title says, can you?  Last night, in Last Tango in Halifax, which is a popular BBC1 series (details here, if you have never heard of it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Tango_in_Halifax) the female spouse of one of the lead female characters met with a nasty accident and may or may not have died.

I watched the show and was very affected by what I saw.  I love the characters of Kate and Caroline, and certainly wanted them to have a happy ever after.  So I had a bit of a cry, and marveled at how wonderful the writing was that it could move me to genuine tears.

Then I read Twitter.

Now, I can totally understand people being upset, even angry, if something happens to a character they…

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