Tickets for Raindance Web Fest on sale now

For those who know, I have been busy the last few weeks putting together the programme for the Raindance Web Fest 2014.

Web Fest is a festival within a festival that I created for the Raindance Film Festival, now in its 22nd year.

For anyone who works or wants to work in the web series or online video space then this is an event for you.

You can see the speakers, web series and panels for this year at the official Raindance Web Fest website


` – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Producer of award winning web-series 3some, Elisar Cabrera

Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world, with London at a very close second.  Many of the UK’s series have made it stateside and British actors and behind the scenes talent are respected all over the world, but British web series still seem to be ignored in the UK.  BAFTA recognises film, TV and video games, but this wonderful new medium is still being ignored.

Lisa Gifford’s web series 3some already has an abundance of awards and accolades, with no less than 17 combined international awards and nominations.   The series boasts actors from Coronation Street, Eastenders. Emmerdale, 2 Point 4 Children, Doctor Who and more.  Despite its success, it and other web series are ignored in the UK.

 In 3some ROB (Euan King) and JENNY (Lisa Gifford), a thirty-something couple living together in a trendy part of East London, are about to split up – spectacularly!

Meanwhile Rob’s former best friend and Jenny’s ex-fiance, PAUL (Peter Halpin), is on his way back home after a year of travelling, escaping the consequences of “that threesome”, the repercussions of which are still reverberating throughout Paul, Rob and Jen’s lives.

This wonderful series is directed and written by Lisa Gifford and Produced by Elisar Cabrera.  It stars Lisa Gifford (Sweetheart), Peter Halpin (Mermaid of the East), Euan King (MacBeth), Annette Badland (Eastenders) and Simon Fisher Becker (Doctor Who).

We caught up with the producer Elisar Cabrera.

Hi Elisar, thank you for taking the time out to talk with us. Tell us a bit about you web-series 3some

3some is an independent web series set in London about the love lives of three 30-somethings.  Over the course of the series we discover what’s in their past and how its been affecting their future.  If you are a fan of Cold Feet, Friends, Coupling etc you will totally get 3some.

What made you want to get involved with this series?

After writer Lisa Gifford had written the play version of 3some, we discussed about how could put it online.  It was after the play had its initial theatre run that Lisa thought about extending the world of Rob, Jenny and Paul. So the web series

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